Raising Capital and Financing in Global Financial Markets:

4. Financing choices
4.1. Introduction
 Berk and DeMarzo Chapter 14
 Berk and DeMarzo Chapter 15
 Berk and DeMarzo Chapter 16
 Berk and DeMarzo Chapter 17
4.2. Multinational corporations
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4.3. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
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4.4. Start-ups
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5. Corporate governance
5.1. Introduction
 Berk and DeMarzo Chapter 29
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5.2. Conflicts of interests between controlling and non-controlling shareholders
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5.3. Corporate governance during financial crises
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5.4. Director characteristics
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6. Selected topics
6.1. Valuation
 Berk and DeMarzo Chapter 18
 Berk and DeMarzo Chapter 19
6.2. Initial public offerings
 Berk and DeMarzo Chapter 23
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6.3. Mergers and acquisitions
 Berk and DeMarzo Chapter 28
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6.4. Corporate restructurings
 Berk and DeMarzo Chapter 28
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6.5. The role of venture capital and private equity
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6.6. Business groups
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